Welcome! Bienvenue! Bienvenidos! Other Languages!


We–that is, Taylor and Andrew–wait, we haven’t even introduced ourselves yet.  Hello!  We are Taylor and Andrew, an extremely married couple sharing a little bit of ourselves with the rest of the Internet.  So what are we doing here?  Allow us to explain.

The two of us met over bourbons in New York City, universally considered to be the best place to get drunk with New Yorkers.  Three bars, untold drinks, and some serious smittenness later, we found ourselves as an item.  Eventually, we made that item a legal one, and it’s all thanks to bourbon.

For all the good that bourbon has done for us, what better way to pay back that delicious liquid matchmaker than singing its praises on the World Wide Web?  And here we are.  As far as our bona fides?  Well, we’ve served as informal bourbon coaches for friends and acquaintances in the past, and have probably had enough of the stuff over the years to fill a decent-sized municipal swimming pool. Plus Taylor had the whole bartending/server gig for years.  But this isn’t just a by-the-numbers bourbon tasting guide.  We’ll get into all manner of topics related to bourbon: cocktails, food pairings, history, and who knows what else.

So welcome–or, rather, bourbonjour, to our little splash of heaven.  To new beginnings!


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